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Veterinary Personalised Medicine

PCCA believes that animals’ unmet clinical needs are as important as humans’. 

Pets are members of the family, and you want them to have medical treatment that’s as attentive and innovative as you expect for yourself.

Personalised medicines can provide a much-needed solution to veterinary and human patient problems. When it comes to things like skin rashes, eye and ear infections, heart conditions, cancer, and diabetes, animals and humans have a lot in common. But giving pets medication presents a unique set of challenges that can often be addressed through personalised medicines. 

No two animals are the same

Problem, meet solution

Cats are notorious for refusing to swallow pills (you probably have the scratches to prove it), and they’ll usually eat right around one disguised in food. Administration can be equally tricky with dogs — a dose of medication that is therapeutic for an 80-pound Golden Retriever could be deadly for a six-pound Yorkie. Large and exotic pets, such as horses, rabbits, birds, ferrets and reptiles, all pose a variety of different medication challenges, too. 


Just like their owners, pets are unique. They come in all shapes and sizes and may be sensitive to ingredients like lactose. It makes sense that commercially available medicines aren’t always appropriate for each and every pet.

To be continued

Sometimes, manufacturers discontinue a veterinary medication because there’s not enough demand to make mass production cost effective. But that does not mean there aren’t still pets that need it. 

But the solution is often the same for them all: a personalised medicine.

The personalised medicine advantage

The advantage of personalised medicines is that it can be adapted specifically to fit your pets individual clinical need, through the preparation of customised medication your veterinarian can prescribe a cream, liquid or other dosage form with the exact ingredients and dose that’s right for your pet. With thousands of formulations available, customisable to the prescription strength and pack size required, to treat a wide range of animals.

Providing pets with much-needed customised medication options for pet health challenges. 


Customised Medication Creation Journey

Our simple text service makes ordering your prescription easy and efficient:

Send Your Prescription

You or your doctor will send your prescription to us.

Text Confirmation

We will send you confirmation we have received your prescription.

Pay Over The Phone

Call us on 0800 035 3078 to pay for your prescription.

Email Confirmation

On receipt of payment we will send your receipt and order confirmation including expected delivery date.

Prescription Preparation

Our prescribed items will be prepared through either formulation and manufacture in our onsite facilities, stock selection or sourcing.

Dispensing of Prescription

Your prescribed items are dispensed from our on site pharmacy.


We will send you a text informing you that your prescription is on its way, including a track and trace link.

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We define ourselves by high quality. We’ve been manufacturing and sourcing personalised medicines for over 20 years.

We understand that your individual needs matter. Our industry-leading patented bases allow us to create personalised medications that are made just for you, providing much-needed customised medication options, customisable to prescription strength and pack size required.

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