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Your Prescription Journey

Our simple ordering service makes receiving your personalised medicine fast and efficient.

Your doctor will tell you if they have prescribed you a personalised medicine and they will also tell you why. You may have been prescribed a personalised medicine for several different reasons; however, it will be because there is no licensed alternative that is suitable to help treat you.

Send Your Prescription
You or your Doctor will send your prescription to us

Prescription Confirmation
Our onsite pharmacy will send you an SMS and email confirming they have received your prescription.

Payment Method
Please call us on 0800 035 3078 or pay via the payment link provided.

Email Confirmation
On receipt of payment we will send you an order confirmation including delivery date.

Prescription Preparation
Your prescribed items will be prepared within our facility, selected from stock or sourced.

Dispensing of Prescription
Once your prescribed items are ready they will dispensed together.

We will send you an SMS which will include a courier link to allow you to manage your delivery.

Looking for a doctor?

Our personalised medicines are available via private prescription by a doctor. Click here to find a doctor near you who can advise you on personalised medication.

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